Inspired by Florence, wonderful art city where he was born, in 1962 Victorugo Bianconi already done in his workshop the first chandeliers. In 1977 'Montart' was born in Settimello Calenzano near Florence; subsequently to meet increasing customer demands, in 1996 the company moved to Florence and became 'Nuova Montart', this is further developed, and by the experience of its owner who's son David and their staff, offering customers stylish and sought solutions in a piece of furniture.

In Nuova Montart Company is commonly used iron forging and machining of materials such as brass and copper, wood carving, decorating with gold leaf and silver art decor painting, the use of special Murano glass, Swarovski crystals and porcelain polychrome and Bohemia; All this is in keeping with ancient procedures of construction craft, which provide products of high quality and elegance, able to maintain their beauty over time.

The Company performs custom processing and large-sized companies with customized designs; exports its products in Italy and in the World and with the utmost professionalism and expertise to meet any customer requirement.

Nuova Montart mark any processing on the beauty, elegance and precious materials resulting in unique and exclusive, signed by a seal to guarantee the uniqueness of the product.